Coloring Outside of the Lines!

Internet Safety Plan
I would really like to incorporate blogging into my future classroom so I decided to do my internet safety plan in regards to blogging.
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The Wonderful World of Science!!

Teacher Reflection project- linked to our groups lesson on VoiceThread
Taryn and I using Skype and Google Docs to work on lesson plan together.
Science Inquiry project-using Glogster
"Pop it Like it's Hot!"  A fun science experiment my niece rather enjoyed considering she was allowed to eat all the extra popcorn!
Glogster is pretty fun to work with!

Interdisciplinary Lesson Plan- combining science with writing!

Words, Words, and more Words

Project #1- Analysis and Lesson Plan 
This assignment is a closer look at 4th grade buddy, Kendra (pseudonym), and her writing.  It was all done on my blog.  The link attached should lead you directly to this particular blog post.

Project #2-Targeted Small group Instruction
This assignment took place at my main placement and was based of the needs of the students in my small group.
Lesson One- This was the first of two lesson focused on teaching my students about a) the characteristics of dolphins and b) questioning strategies to gain comprehension.
Lesson Two- This lesson was the continuance of the first.

Project #3

Lions, Tigers, and Math, oh my!!

The Professional World of Everything

Classroom Management Plan

Additional Tech 

Social Networking- all on Diigo
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11. Love and Logic

Wordle Art Work highlighting key words from a book my small guided reading group covered.

Any finally, a little bit of reflection!

I have always been a fan of technology, but until this quarter, and last, I clearly had no idea all the fun stuff out in the cyber world.  I loved using VoiceThread and glogster to create projects.  I can see the value in them and can't wait to create a project for my students to do using either app.  This quarter I much rather liked using the different apps on the web than the iTouch in the classroom.  While I appreciated having the iTouch to experiment with, there was no time alloted to me to use them at my main placement.  The only time I used it was when I was at Juanita working with my 4th grade buddy.  Even then I only used it to record my informal reading conferences with my buddy.  I still believe them to be extremely useful for differentiated instruction, but haven't been able to put my theory to the test.  I don't have any questions regarding the physical use of handheld in the classroom, but I do wonder how it is possible to incorporate technology into a classroom that has had no previous experience with it for the first half of the year.  If I were to introduce some form of technology, such as glogster, into my classroom next quarter (after having not used any tech thus far), will my students be able to handle it?  And, how would you recommend I do this?